Georgia’s Mercier Orchards: A Taste of Fall

The little town of Blue Ridge in North Georgia is home to Mercier Orchards, a  family-owned apple orchard founded in 1943 and now in its fourth generation. One of Georgia’s top tourist attractions, Mercier Orchards celebrates fall with U-PICK events, tastings at the Farm Winery and delicacies from the bakery. Mercier grows strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches, but this time of year the main attraction is the variety of crisp, sweet apples.

U-PICK events offer a hands-on experience

Apple U-PICK events  include a tractor ride into the orchard; a chance to enjoy the idyllic setting of the Orchards’ 300 acres, nestled in the North Georgia mountains. Once in the orchard, guides instruct visitors on how to pick the fresh fruit.

This time of year, the Orchards celebrates its apple crop

For those who prefer to get their fruit in drinkable form, the Farm Winery pours seasonal wines and hard ciders all pressed in-house along with a variety of wines and meads from local vendors. Tastings take place daily. The fall wine offerings include Fall Harvest, a dry smooth apple wine, and 1943 Reserve, an apple wine infused with bourbon. Ciders include the inimitably-named Grumpy Granny along with Adele’s Choice, made from the first apple harvest, and Cold Day in Hops, a semi-sweet dry-hopped cider.

Mercier Orchards presses its own hard cider

Other options for enjoying the apple experience include the famous fried pies and apple cider donuts from the bakery. Most weekends, the peaceful setting is enhanced by live music.

Mercier Orchards is located at 8660 Blue Ridge Drive in Blue Ridge, Georgia. For more information check the website or phone 706-632-3411.

photos courtesy of Mercier Orchards

Kathie Farnell
Kathie Farnell
Freelance writer Kathie Farnell lives in Foley, Alabama, ten miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, with her husband, photographer Jack Purser, and a flock of cats. She has written travel articles for print and web publications since 1992, and also produces programming for public television and radio through her nonprofit corporation, Artemis Media Project. The couple enjoy exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and spending time on the Gulf beaches.

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